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Nov 11, 2012 8:00pm PST
that in terms of what the original planning commission resolution was then. >> i think i have the planning commission resolution i can put on the overhead if that could be helpful. so the last exhibit -- he aggress with my position this was action on the previous project and didn't take to take action on the 1955 and this was denial. there is no approval of the planning commission for the three lot alternative because one was not needed. >> okay. >> they had requested in august of 1955 they proposed the new three lot alternative and they were going to do two dwellings on the new lots, single family dwellings on the new lots and october 19, which is exhibit f of appellant's brief and city planner had written back to them "please be advised your proposal conforms to the lot size and appreciate that" and submitted so that was approved. there was no planning commission action it was in violation. >> okay. i misread it. are you finished? >> i am here for any other questions. >> okay. i guess i have to allow him to say something. >> i'm sorry. first i agree with the zoning administrator
Nov 6, 2012 6:00pm PST
it was originally installed about 100 years ago. it has a manual switch just like elevators did back then, and it runs on dc power. this was from a time before elevators ran on ac power. >> when did they switch? >> decided to switch in the 1920's, so this elevator predicts that by about 19 years. the doors are also manual, so this elevator predates the use of automatic doors on elevators. >> can we take a ride? >> absolutely. going down. >> how many troops do you think this elevator has taken in its lifetime? millions. >> yes, this one probably has. certainly hundreds of thousands. >> very smooth. >> it really does run smoothly. >> there we go. take some serious operation. there we go. >> this is really beautiful. >> this is served by that old elevator we were just in. >> built at the same time, also in 1913. >> what a gorgeous room. i think we should have a party here. >> that is a great idea. >> let's look at the machine room for that old elevator. >> ok, let's go. >> here we are in the machine room with all these wonderful, old, a burly, industrial-era equipment. tell us what we've got
Nov 1, 2012 8:30am PDT
this would harm you in any way. if we stick to our original plan of giving it till december to see if you guys can work it out, it does not harm you in any way. so i read what your attorney has submitted, i don't see any new evidence. all of the points that she's making are restatements that i have heard in this body in the past so i really don't see it and i don't see how it would harm you that the decision that this body has made to give the process a few more months, discretionary review at the planning department, while it can be lengthy, is not a black hole. it does have a time limit and it has a process that's established for a reason. so i really, you know, if the question before us is rehearing this, i would say, no, i really don't see a reason it and i don't see how this harms you in any way. >> but there is discretionary review, this is the new fact. and new fact came yesterday when i learned that i can do absolutely nothing. >> but that is not a new fact, i'm sorry. that is the process. your attorney should have advised you that that was a possibility and it is a process th
Nov 11, 2012 1:20pm EST
the end of 43-44. the nature of were changed because the u.s. original strategy was to drive japanese to the western pacific to the edge and then went on china for china to go north and go thro the japan homeland. by the end of 1943 in the beginning of 1944 particularl from the philippines, as much better way to go after japan. so the land route, which was original plan by way of china becomes much less and significant. so that is why chinese there is very complex. >> professor, wide japan attacked china in 1937? >> that is a long story. both japan and china were modernizing militarily, politically, and economically i 1930's. and japan has the -- a very different national psyche than the chinese. china must pay, divided, and deeply torn between the communist movement and the nationalist movement. japan is much more unified and is really much more insecure because of the size of the??? nation and also because of its ambition, wh
Nov 16, 2012 8:30pm PST
to be the original project sponsor developer for 340 fremont street. as mr. teague mentioned we are supporting now an informational presentation of the new design for 340 fremont street. our goals and reasons for electing to redesign a fully approved, fully compliant residential tower were three. the first one was an esthetic visual exterior enhancement or upgrade for the absence of doubt this is not the vex exercise to the contrary. it's attempt to bring a building that we thought was good to very good in terms of architectural design. the second reason since seven years passed since our original design we under took a significant effort in the under the hood areas of the building, primarily redesigning the structural system to be compliant with a more reason structural high rise code and practice and the third is redesigning each 348 residential units. just a small note on architecture. we conducted a national search for our architectural firm. we have a strong hire local bias but we have a strong need and desire to get the highest level of expertise available in esthetic design, in techni
Nov 18, 2012 3:30am PST
was not permitted and gave them an opportunity when originally going in -- >> like the areas with the old sli was more vague. it was fairly permissive if i remember correctly than the sally was? no? >> not really. in terms of offices and housing under the sli there are two small ways to get that so for housing only if 100% affordable housing and for the other one is work space for design professionals and narrow and have to be on the third floor or above and certain feet and it's prescriptive and i don't know anyone that took advantage of it. >> i am just wondering and i know there are offices -- >> yeah and some went in before and some did not. >> and in the case of this gentleman talking about his housing project since he filed the application previously how is that treated? does he pay a fee? i mean is that grandfathered in? >> generally if there is no grandfathered provision added it's subject to the law when gets required entitlement or when it's issued and we will look into that specifically more but if they have it and not issued -- if it got rezoned and theoretically couldn't move
Nov 28, 2012 6:30am PST
in the original proposition date was originally set for 2013? was that just a random date? >> i think the earlier estimates for what the projects will start and when they will end was designed around a ten-year timeframe. as can you imagine they go through a number of municipalities. largely some large projects were stalled due to environmental and community input needs and also the participation number of government entities in order to ensure that the projects is well-designed reflective and sensitive to the communities that they trav erse. nower that designed barring any other stalls to the project they are anticipated to culminate september, 2016. >> thank you colleagues we'll open up for public comment. supervisor tony hall, thank you for being here today. >> thank you, chair kim and supervisor farrell and supervisor campos, good to see you guys in action doing the city's work. i am former supervisor tony hall and i was the writer and author of prop p that was passed in november of 2002, and matt gonzalez co-sponsored that. now there was eminent need for the oversight committee because prop
Nov 7, 2012 9:00pm PST
that the property was originally configured as a three unit building. that's where i got my information. after the farm house -- >> which letter? >> the letter of determination dated -- >> in other words how do we know there are three units there now? >> yes, sir. well, we have my client's testimony. they're here. we have the planning department letter of determination that says this was originally configured as three unit building after it was a farm house. >> and see the other issue is being able to demonstrate that it was consistently there. a variety of things have been done in the past. >> oh yeah -- >> and directory and research and things like that. >> i want to readily admit to you there is indication in the building inspection rerd records that a permit was issued to reduce to three clients and signed off as completed. what my clients bought the building this was a three unit building. either someone did the changes and put them back or the changes were never done. >> okay. >> thank you. mr. sanchez. >> thank you. scott sanchez planning department. this is located in a zoning
Nov 24, 2012 12:30am EST
they are at that point*? >> gary hart? >> if gary hart created the original sin of challenging the people in the media of. most knew that he ran around but rather than letting it go, we're at a time the media did not look into that so carefully. politicians have no backstage area. but that was not the case and challenge the media to say you prove it so a reporter from a florida newspaper hit out in the bushes and saw his girlfriend come in late at night it was not hard to guess she was not cleaning the floors so if you don't challenge the media you may be something you are not. >> host:. >> host: stephen frantzich book his book is "o.o.p.s." observing our politicians stumble". how many books have you written? >> this is 17 original books buchanan ally with statistics. i spent time in a trench to do academic books but my last five 1/6 have been more fun. prior to the s high-profile the people love presidents have mentioned in there "state of the union." that was not done in tow ronald reagan did it for the first time and every president has use of the placid example of their political goals. close to call
Comedy Central
Nov 28, 2012 11:30pm PST
=uhr(ú'2lt:eá (cheers and applause) >> stephen: welcome back, everybody. my guest tonight is the original voice of both yoda and cookie monster. i'll ask him if four cookie cs. please welcome frank oz. (cheers and applause) thank you, hey, nice to meet you frank oz. can i call you frank oz. >> you can. >> stephen: frank oz -- >> can i just say something? >> stephen: yes. >> my favorite part of your show bar none is when you introduce the guest and you come here and take a bow. (laughter) i love that. >> stephen: well, i've got to give these people what they want. >> it's great. (cheers and applause) >> stephen: well, that's great to hear. >> i mean it, i think it's hysterical, and you deserve it. >> stephen: thank you, i put the most thought into it. >> of course. >> stephen: well, everybody knows you, of course, as being the voice of miss piggy, the voice of grover, the voice of foz zi bear, the voice of animal and the voice of yoda. >> yeah, it's so weird, though. >> stephen: what's weird. >> that you say "the voice of." so what who does the character? >> stephen: the person does. fozzi
Nov 14, 2012 7:30pm PST
patriarchical sort of reference points of the early religion but keep the original essence of the insight, that we really do depend on each other. >> it feels to me that may be just exactly what this next millennium is all about, because those of us here now, we are pushing things over the cusp on that and it just makes sense. >> sure and it is very different in our experience but the effort here is to sort of try to imagine the cultural social economic ethos that where from which this religion came. and to say that it has a logic with out with holding a bit, our judgment that was wrong because that was dominance, that's too quickly i think to sort of impose our thoughts, they were operating appropriately perhaps in their context and it evolved. >> my girl friend was raised in the east asian culture and every single time i spoke with her she would ask me, "how is your mother?" absolutely every time. it didn't take me long to pick up on this eventually i figured it out and i would ask her then every time i saw her, "how is your mother?" so there's a part of this that's not defined but it's
Nov 11, 2012 9:00am PST
it to its original use, you are talking about a tiny fraction of the time that building has been in existence and it was a hundred years ago. if i put in a garage, which most people do on their ground floor, that's certainly not converting it to its original use. what i have is much closer to the original use of the building than anybody else on my street does. the windows are all original unless the city approved the building without windows and they were put in later without permits, which is absurd, they are all the old original windows on the ground floor. there's so many things on here that are non-issues, they greatly predated my purchase of the building. there's not anything i can do anyway. if you want me to pull permits, tell me what to pull and i will pull them but i frankly don't understand. it's like a solution in search of a problem here. i really don't understand what i'm supposed to do. and i have started reaching out to the mayor's office and i have started reaching out to my supervisor, supervisor olague. there are other people who understand these crite
Nov 18, 2012 6:00am PST
is going to weep keep the original permanent application, if you are going to forego the feels from a whole new set of reviews by war planners fine, but don't let the new applicant under the uold application take the project in the reverse direction that you want. accommodations for the light and error of the neighbor. >> second d r questionser you have five minutes >>> good evening president wonk and members of the commission i'm i represent the neighbor and they have lived there last 40 years and i heard mr. washington say about all of the reiterations of the plans going through but the plans mail out in march of this year did not show any light windows, decks or set backs or skylight on the adjacent building it simply walled over those adjacent features and when these were brought these facts brought to the attention of the planner march 222005 and i am flaintd e-mail sent to the planner ten days before the 11 expired, that hey it's too late they should be prepare to file the d r that they thought that the plans were inaccurate and so basically, these poor focus had no choice whatso
Nov 19, 2012 3:00am PST
and 332 dwelling units and parking spaces. no changes are proposed to the original project as it was originally approved other than the erks terior design changes and other minor alterations that were presented to you earlier today. there were multiple extensions granted in the past and rincon hill it was required to come back every year and they're back before you again for another extension and in regards to public comment the department did receive one letter of opposition from a neighbor that did not support the extension. it is important to know that the project sponsors have a permit on file and recently filed in august revisions to that permit to match the design that you saw earlier, and those permits are currently under review by the planning department. in order for the project to proceed the commission must grant the extension request for another 12 months after the day of the expiration of the last project approval. that would put the next date november 13, 2013. this project does comply with all of the requirements of planning code and the general plan. i
Nov 20, 2012 12:00am PST
a million under the next lowest bid. all of the three proposals were inside of the original estimate. so the staff is really quite comfortable to recommend that the board authorizes the contract for 9.2 million to anvil builders. are there any questions? >> i just have one quick question. and so, being that you had three applicants but two were not responsive, because they didn't submit all of the required documents? did we get an understanding as to why that happened during the process? >> it would appear that that would, pure laziness, frankly and it was obvious in the documents and they signed off the check as to say that they had done all of this and provided it and yet it is like fly america, all of these documents which were required, were just not signed and submitted. a successful one has every single piece and i considered the longer one than any of the others. >> thank you. >> any other questions? >> okay. >> move approval. >> yes. >> the first and second and members of the public, wishing to address you under this item? >> director harper? >> aye. >> lloyd. >> aye. >> metcalf.
Nov 2, 2012 5:30pm PDT
of the permit plans. these are the approved plans, page l 2.4. and here you have the original permit plans submitted and taken to the different departments. despite telling the civic design commission that this picture would be what they would get what they had their newly designed shed. they never changed anything. so if this is going to be done, nobody there doing work knows about it. you will see the pretty trees that help to cover things and all of these trees and bushes. these trees however are being removed. so this plan is completely not reviewed by the civic design commission. here is the notes here that these are being removed. here is the other note that tree 99 is being saved in response to community outcry to save the trees. and that requires them, according to mary hobson, to move this summit shed five feet to the west. now had a they do that. what is the impact for the civic design commission? we don't know, because they haven't seen anything. i want to show you a few things of what has happened in terms of work at the satdium. the permit issued august 27th and this is beau
Nov 28, 2012 12:00am PST
for a conservative judicial philosophy known as textualism, some talk about it as originalism. it asserts that laws must be interpreted as they were understood by the men who wrote them. in 2006, justice elena kagan, then the dean of hear extraordinary law school, scalia's alma mater says he is the justice who has had the most important impact over the years on how we think and talk about law. he originally coauthored a new book, it is called reading law, the interpretation of legal text. i am very honored to have justice scalia back on this program. so the first book was about arguing, how to make the case arguing the case. this is called reading law, the interpretation of legal text written brian a. garner -- >> as the earlier book was. >> rose: exactly. so what did you hope to accomplish with this? >> well, this back had really two objects in mind, one was to set forth the principles of interpretation that i believe most strongly in. to-wit, textualism, which you begin and end with the text. and that you give the text the meaning that it bore when it was adopted. which is originalism. the book
Nov 19, 2012 11:00pm PST
. some of these people have been here since yesterday. so far 15 are in line. this tv just $179. original price $419. this tv just $99. and this laptop $349. original price $574. these bargains forced her and her kids to camp out in front of best buy. this is her first time doing this. she wants the tv and her kids wants the play station for $199. original price, $359. she is turned -- 3rd in line. >> my son said we are out. all my kids work so i am rotating for them. we are all taking turns. >> reporter: they are first in line. black friday veterans and have been camping out in front of this best buy for the last 8 years. she focused on the tv and laptop deals. >> the first 20 are guaranteed to get what they want. management is terrific here. >> we have tents, number one. we have a nice suv, truck when we get cold. we also buy tvs for people who can't afford tvs. >> reporter: luckily for them best buy allows them to use their rest rooms. once they close and they have to find a rest room that is open to use. they can't purchase these items till friday morning. reggie kumar, kron 4 news. >
Nov 27, 2012 1:30am PST
classic rock-and-roll or classic rhythm and blues or original american rock-and-roll. one or the other. and i say that because people seem to be astounded that this music is around 40 years later, but they're not astounded that ragtime jazz is around 80 years later or that classical music is around 200 years later. it is, to me, trying to shake off the shackles of this music being called a novelty. this is not a novelty. this is a part of the american experience. ken held: living in brooklyn in one of those row houses, on the second floor in my bedroom, i had bought this record can't we be sweethearts, and i remember just putting my little victrola up on the windowsill, cranking open the window, and putting the little speaker, the one little speaker, up against the screen, and saying to everybody out in the street who was playing punch ball and stickball and johnny on a pony and ring-a-levio, all the things they played in new york city, listen to this. ♪ dedeliddle liddle... ♪ yeah ♪ dedeliddle liddle ♪ yeah ♪ dedeliddle liddle dedeliddle liddle ♪ ♪ liddle liddle liddle
Nov 9, 2012 6:30am PST
know where the boxes and the churches collect money? yeah. this is the original he here. yeah. >> (speaking spanish) (laughing) (speaking spanish). >> this instrument is called c carete and with the right hand and the left hand and open and shuts in a rhythmic time. >> (speaking spanish). >> so this instrument is called sen sero but it's actually a cow bell. >> (moo). >> it was made out of material. >> (speaking spanish). >> but for the african and any instrument that create a rhythm or a sound will become an instrument. (speaking spanish) (applause). >> (speaking spanish). >> these are the spanish influences. >> (speaking spanish). >> they adapted to the style of this type of music (applause). >> (speaking spanish). >> these are just simple spoons, kitchen spoons. (applause). >> (speaking spanish). >> and here we have our principle instrument. >> (speaking spanish). >> the name of this instrument is called cajon. >> (speaking spanish). >> in certain places in africa this instrumentality existed. >> (speaking spanish). >> and the percussionist will play with their hands and t
Nov 23, 2012 2:30am PST
original magic bullet contra un magician, personal y versatil. asi es obtenga el sistema completo de 21 piezas gratis. detalles a continuacion. [tictac...] ¿que puede hacer usted en diez segundos? empezar a cortar las cebollas para hacer una tortilla... o cortar las cebollas, batir los huevos, cortar el jamon y los pimientos, y hasta rallar el queso, todo al mismo tiempo, para tener la tortilla mas rapida y facil del mundo. [tictac...] en diez segundos puede abrir una lata de sopa instantanea... o puede hacer una sopa casera, natural, lista para calentar y servir. [tictac...] en diez segundos puede empezar a rallar el queso... o puede rallar el queso, picar el pollo, cortar la cebolla y los pimientos para hacer un rico relleno que se puede calentar y servir, y tendra unas deliciosas quesadillas que le encantaran a toda la familia. son tres recetas listas para calentar y servir, en diez segundos o menos, con el original magic bullet, el mago personal y versatil que usted tiene en su cocina y le hace cualquier trabajo en diez segundos o menos. ahora puede hacer el trabajo de todos los di
Nov 27, 2012 11:00am PST
to relieve the heavily- burdened facilities of the original gallery, to house temporary exhibitions, and to serve as a center for advanced study in the visual arts. within these walls, visitors to our nation's capital are drawn in to a very special place where monumental accomplishments of modern masters await discovery. built on a trapezoidal plot of land adjoining the original gallery, the east building is of a unique and radical design, utilizing triangular shapes with large interior spaces. it was a collaborative effort spanning more than ten years. director j. carter brown worked closely with architect i. m. pei in its development. seven works of art were commissioned it was agreed that a specific pieceas needed to animate the unbroken expanse of wall in the central courtyard. but the artist would have to have a capacity for monumental concepts, with a sense of color and scale appropriate to the site. a unanimous choice was spanish artist joan miro. born in the catalan city of barcelona in 1893, miro has remained close to the land and its people. but as a young man in paris, he
Nov 18, 2012 10:00pm PST
that the petitions were originally, the first petitions were originally submitted to the board of supervisors that triggered the 30 percent support, which allowed the resolution of intention to be introduced. from that time forward, when we started working with the budget analyst office, it was clear that we needed to provide the full picture of the project financing now, even though this resolution is only moving forward the assessment district portion of the financing. we realize that we needed to get very clear on all of the financing terms including the city's contribution as well as the bond financing in the management plan and in the resolutions. so, we took a pause and instead of coming right to committee, we regrouped with all of the different city agencies and the tid and the san francisco travel and negotiated the terms that we presented to you today. so that is a lot what is in the amendment in the whole and in addition to clean up items that we needed to fix. >> okay. >> starting from the dates and other type of... >> thank you and from my understanding from the city attorney, the
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 3,053 (some duplicates have been removed)